Taking the Solo out of Solopreneuer shares an incredible message of freedom. Freedom for stressed-out business owners, time-pressed parents, overworked spouses, new moms or busy professionals who are ready (oh, so very ready!) to finally have more time, focus, energy, productivity and freedom to make a bigger impact in the world.

In Taking the Solo out of Solopreneuer you’ll learn what can you give away to others that will free you up to focus on what’s really important and finally find the freedom you dream of. Imagine if you delegated many of your daily simple tasks out to someone else. How would it affect the quality of your life? Picture waking up in the morning, relaxed and at peace, lingering over the breakfast table with your kids before they head off to school, then spending a few extra minutes with your husband before the day begins. Later that day, arriving home in time for the whole family to sit at the dinner table together while truly listening to your kids speak instead of worrying about what else you have to get done before the end of the day. How would it feel to take time out for yourself sitting in a nice hot bath and not feeling guilty about what still needs to get done in your business?