Develop the mindset of a CEO, discover the tasks you do in your business, create a delegating manual, build the perfect team for your business, and put systems into place that create the streamlined, stress-free business of your dreams.

In this 5-week virtual course, you’ll discover the difference between thinking like a solopreneur vs. a CEO. We’ll share with you the five ways to build a support team to help you in business. You’ll identify who you need, what they can do, and how to delegate. Communications, designing your team and creating systems for team synergy also come into play.

The Solo to CEO Delegating Boot Camp includes:

Step 1 – The Importance of Delegating

During this five week virtual program I work with my clients on setting up the success strategies to not be taken advantage of and how to get the most out of the money and time you are putting into your business. Setting up clear expectation with the people you work with is important for both sides to win.

Step 2 – Discover Your Specific Tasks


  • Discovering the tasks you can delegate plays a large role in your growing your business.
  • Make a list of five to ten tasks that you can see yourself getting started with so you can get someone to help you grow your business.
  • Take each item and begin to design a system to complete each task.


Step 3 – The Delegating System That Works for You

You have discovered your tasks and now you will need to break them down into the specific processes it take to get each task completed. In this process you will create a Delegating Manual that you can use to train others to help you complete what is necessary for you to grow your business. This is a resource you will be able to use throughout the life of your business!

Step 4 – Who Will You Bring Into Your Business Success Team

You have your tasks set aside, your systems created and now it’s time to bring people onto your team. It’s time for you to take a risk and begin to get people to work for you. In this step we help you discover how to find the people to fit into your position.

Step 5 – Your New Role As CEO

The last step of the Solo to CEO Delegating Boot Camp is to know your role as the CEO. What does a CEO do and why is it important to think like a CEO and not the solo owner of your business. You can maximize your business growth by digging into what specifically you can do as the facilitator of your company as you grow and expand your company reach. Step up and step into being the CEO your company needs!

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You’ve learned how to step into the role of CEO, now it’s time to live like one! We’ll dig deep into the nuts and bolts of creating strategic business systems, managing your super support team, and developing your unique leadership style to realize your ultimate potential.

Did you know that in 2015 there were only 340 publicly traded corporations in the U.S. with CEO’s? And out of those, only 17 are women. The good news is that you don’t have to have multiple master’s degrees or be a part of this exclusive niche to think, act and succeed like a CEO. Solo to CEO University gives you the real-world education, experience and support essential for your business success. You’ll work with Kimberley and a select group of high-level peers to learn, develop and grow together in your role as CEO of your business. This 6-month program, held online, on the phone, and at live retreats, will help you make sure everything is in place to develop yourself as a CEO.

Together we’ll focus in on understanding your finances, creating and managing your ideal team, establishing clear communications, and putting other important business systems into place to support exceptional growth. You’ll have access to checklists, templates and other essential resources as well as the collective power of a group working together to overcome obstacles and breakthrough barriers.

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Want a jump-start on developing your CEO-mindset? If you want to grow your business, have the flexibility to spend more time with higher-paying clients, and do more of what you love instead of what you have to, the Solo to CEO OneDay Intensive is the answer.

Work with Kimberley, the Queen of Accountability, to create clear, concise systems and programs for hiring the right people, delegating tasks, and getting comfortable in your role as CEO of a viable, growing business. This dedicated 1-on-1 time with Kimberley can be combined with any of our other Solo to CEO programs to give you a head start and boost your progress. During your VIP Day, you’ll identify and create systems and strategies that fit your unique needs and vision. And you’ll discover the freedom of creating a business that allows you to take time for yourself without guilt, confident that the systems and teams you’ve set up are running smooth. It’s time to begin the journey to turn what you imagine into reality.

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